Testing material for suitability

Always test your material for suitability before using Simply Spray or Upholstery Spray as the material must be moisture-absorbent. New garments and fabrics should be pre-washed before testing to remove water-resistant manufacturing residue. To test your material, spray with a little water and if it absorbs readily, the paint will too. If the water forms into beads on the surface and fails to soak in even after a little rubbing, the paint will not absorb either. Suitable materials can include cotton and blended fabrics, canvas, velours, carpets, unfinished wood and leather. Stencil Spray is a different formula and can be used on almost any material as it does not need to absorb in order to dry.

Preparing material for fabric spray painting

New fabric should be washed first to remove the moisture-resistant residue from manufacturing. When restoring colour to faded or marked fabric, or changing the colour of a used item, make sure the fabric is free of loose dirt, dust, lint and any greasy marks. Upholstery and canvas can be washed first with mild soap and water. Allow drying completely before applying fabric spray paint.

Drying, permanency and washability

Fabric paint spray becomes touch-dry on suitable fabric at about the same rate as water. This is usually around half an hour in average weather, so cotton t-shirts etc can be worn very soon after painting. If you’re in a real hurry (or it’s very cold or humid) a hairdryer can be used to speed drying. In any case, wait three days (72 hours) before washing. After three days, garments can be machine washed as normal but do not use fabric softener. Simply Spray can be ironed over, but Stencil Spray cannot. When spray painting upholstery items, such as sofas and chairs, you should wait the required three days for full drying before use. After full drying has been achieved, the colour will not transfer in contact with clothing. Painted upholstery fabric can be cleaned, if needed down the track, using mild soap and water. Removable sofa covers or cushion covers can be machine-washed but do not use fabric softener.

Outdoor durability

Upholstery fabric spray paint contains special UV protectant to provide a lasting shield against fading from the sun. We have tested the product on outdoor canvas in Australia and after more than one year poolside our test upholstery still looks vibrant in colour. We will continue testing under Australian outdoor conditions. So far we have found ample support for the manufacturer’s claim, which is that Upholstery Spray Paint should last outdoors as long as any exterior acrylic house paint.


Don’t panic if the paint won’t spray after use. Micro-particles of paint may have dried in the nozzle. Turn the can upside down and pull the trigger momentarily until clear gas appears. Or, you may have pulled the trigger too hard and need to pop it back into the correct position. Follow the directions for use and storage as printed on each can.

Estimating the amount of upholstery spray paint to use on furniture

See upholstery estimation chart.

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