8x ZIG Painty Markers for shop windows and home decor – waterproof and permanent

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The ZIG® Painty FX marker is a new generation paint marker as it is Free from Xylene but has the equivalent performance to traditional Xylene based paint markers.


The Painty FX range is Environmentally Friendly and will not harm your photographs as they are Acid Free! This versatile marker can be used on a variety of surfaces including Metal, Glass, Plastic, Wood and much much more.


  • Each set comes in 8 Colours
  • Paint works well on metal, glass, plastic, wood and much more!
  • Higly Waterproof and permanent! Perfect for drawing and designing onto shop windows and signs!
  • Alcohol-based, Xylene free, Opaque and Permanent Ink
  • Please Note: Any markers must be stored in a horizontal position, if they are not positioned correctly this will result in one of the tips becoming dry and un-useable
  • Made in Japan


Get creative with the 8x ZIG Painty Markers

8x ZIG Painty Markers Note:

  • Always read and follow the instructions before starting to get better results.


If you are after garments, caps, bags or any other promotional supplement please contact us through:

Blue Phoenix Screen Printing


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