Artdeco Marbling Starter Set 5 Colours including Tray, Brush and marbling needle


Artdeco Marbling Starter Set 5 Colours including Tray, Brush and marbling needle


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Create colourful and unique swirl patterns on paper, fabric and more with the Artdeco Marbling Starter Set 5 Colours.

Marbling is an incredible ancient technique that is still in use nowadays by craft lovers. It consists in creating a pattern on a liquid surface and then transfering the design to paper or fabric. Release your creativity today and make beautiful patterns as unique as you are!

Application: Prepare a bath with marbling medium. Apply a desired amount of paint with the dropper or a stick. The patterns created on the medium can be transferred to several surfaces like paper, textile or unglazed ceramics. All colours are water-based and can be mixed with each other.

Safe and free of substances that can be harmful to general health of the user.

Marbling paint to make fabric marbling and paper marbling.

Get creative with this NEW 2020 Marbling paint.


This set includes:


  • 5x 30ml Ready-to-use Marbling Paint with Dropper
  • 1x 1000ml Ready-to-use Marbling Medium
  • 1x Marbling Brush
  • 1x Medium Size Marbling Needle
  • 1x Plastic Marbling Tray
  • 10x A4 Size Paper (90gsm)


Marbling Starter Set 5 ColoursNote:

  • Always read and follow the instructions before starting to get better results with your Marbling Starter Set 5 Colours.


If you are after garments, caps, bags or any other promotional supplement please contact us through:


Blue Phoenix Screen Printing


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Company based in Sydney, Australia.




buy artdeco products in sydney

Additional information

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