PAINT IT BLACK by Simply Spray® 2.5oz

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Example of restore wash-faded black fabricA must-have product for hairdressers! Easily disguises white spots bleach spatters. Revives wash-faded black fabric, sun-fading, etc. Restore that little black dress! Great for revitalising fabric-covered shoes, bags, etc.

Dries soft and permanent on cotton or any moisture-absorbent fabric. No heat-setting required. Non-toxic, non-flammable, no fumes, food-safe propellant. Hands wash clean with soap and water. Touch-dry in approximately half an hour. Wait three days before washing. Machine washable (do not use fabric softener).

If there is 5% or more polyester and elastin (or lycra) this will create a problem with the dye.

 The dye reacts best when there’s only a small content of polyester and lycra like  1%





Community, environment and you

Due to Australian anti-graffiti regulations, you must be aged 18 years or over to purchase this product. Purchasers also warrant that they will use this product responsibly for proper purposes only.


IMPORTANT: AEROSOL spray cans, due to Australian Post Regulation, are classified as dangerous goods and must always travel by road only – overnight trucks (cannot be sent by air). This means that even if you choose the Express shipping they won’t be delivered the next business day.


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