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10 reviews for Washing Machines

  1. 4 out of 5

    John Doe

    We bought this one to replace an old Haire laundry machine which was a little bigger than this one. Comparing with the old one, this one is relative lighter, guess many metal parts are replaced by plastic parts. But it doesn’t mean this one is worse. It just works as we expected, just less clothes. The noise is a little bit louder, but comes with one more option: soak, helps on washing better.
    So basically, this one is smaller with relative rough manufacturing comparing the old Haier model. But the price is much less. So I won’t complain too much. It still worth to buy….

  2. 4 out of 5

    John Doe

    It’s very quiet, little to no shaking when properly leveled and holds a decent amount in it. This video shown is of the first load I did. The load had 2 pairs of socks, a pair of pants and 2 shirts, I think I could have put at least one of my hoodies in it as well, that’s a respectable amount!

    No issues with assembly, there is a plastic plate that you screw to the bottom- you’ll need your own screwdriver. My plate holes did not fully align, there’s 2 that never matched up, however I screwed the rest in firmly and there is no rattling so no issue as far as I’m concerned.

    The provided adaptor did not fit, as expected after reading other reviews here, so I had to fill it by hand with a pot and keep an eye on it during spin/drain to give it more water when needed – it drones when it’s trying to draw water and not getting any. Tedious for sure, I will find an adaptor that works before that drives me crazy.

    You can see the height of the drain vs. my sink and I found it to be too high, there was water pooling in the pipe when all was said and done and that was a watery lesson for me when I went to put it away. I think I will either find or make a suitable tray on wheels to give it the height it needs and eliminate that issue.

    If you have to fill it by hand, it won’t start washing/spinning until it detects there’s enough water in it. I was worried about overfilling it but it will start up and let you know.

    I am currently very satisfied, I normally pay $30 or more per month on laundry in this building so this will pay for itself very fast if it lasts. I will absolutely come back here to report if anything happens or in a few months to confirm my satisfaction, we shall see.

    *just coming back after a few days to point out that the washer to sink adaptor did actually work. Inside the larger opening to the adaptor is a foam band, you can remove that to reveal threads on the inside, which I did not know were there (thanks boyfriend!) and it fit on my sink just fine.

  3. 5 out of 5

    John Doe

    So so glad I bought this. I live in a small apartment that does not have its own laundry facility. Even if I wanted a washer and dryer I’d have no space for one or anywhere to plumb one in.

    This machine has saved me from the weekly laundromat runs. It’s not big enough to wash things like bed sheets and blankets for for day to day things like clothes and towels it’s fantastic.

    It’s simple to operate and finishes a typical wash in 40 mins. Cloths come out clean and fresh and relatively well dried considering the small size of the machine. It’s only a spin drier but the cloths are just damp when it’s finished, they usually can hang dry in an hour or two.

    I was worried about how difficult it would be to connect but I had no trouble. I just had to swap out the diffuser on my bathroom faucet for the included quick fit attachment and that was it. Hook up the water inlet pipe to that, hook the drain pipe over the toilet bowl and then connect to power. That’s it.

    Only downside is it’s not super mobile. There are spots for wheels to fit in the bottom of the machine which would make it easier to move around but none are included. That said it isn’t very heavy so I find it easy enough to lift and move around as needed. Those with less mobility may struggle.

    Overall this is an amazing purchase and worth every single cent I paid for it. I’d highly recommend it for anyone who is currently relying on laundromats.

  4. 4 out of 5

    John Doe

    I like that the machine is fully automatic and easy to use

    If the washer had wheels it would be easier to use as would an adapter so the water intake could be connected to a regulator washer hook up

  5. 4 out of 5

    John Doe

    Easy to hook up works really good gets clothes clean does a very good job for small washer would recommend to everyone in an apartment or small space worth your money! I had it for 7 months now.

  6. 5 out of 5

    John Doe

    Live in a 3rd floor apt with no w/d connections so hauling up and down laundry was a pain! Decided to give this a try. The machine part is powerful even though you wouldn’t expect it to be but it turns the clothes well. It is not too loud either which is great too. The side that strains the clothes is super tiny so you do have to “dry/ring out” in small batches. It comes with a plastic lid type piece that goes in over the clothes for the drying part but it is a pain to bend and pull back out so I don’t use it at all and it is fine. ISSUES that you may have. You need to set this on top of something- having it level to the ground is weird because of the drain hose being so low you need something for it to stand on so it can drain down water. Hubby built a small stool shelf about a foot off the ground and added wheels to it to slide to and from the sink to fill up. I just drain it into a 5gallon home depot bucket lol it works and I don’t mind. My half bath in my bedroom is just too small for me to have the washer in the bathroom to drain in the tub so if you have the space you don’t need to bucket to drain. We did have to find an attachment for our sink though because the hose would not fit it is smaller than the one the apt sink came with. All in all I love this little washer I don’t mind the bucket draining or wheeling it over to the sink area when I use it to fill up. I can wash 5 shirts, several socks, undies all in one load. it holds a lot. only thing is jeans I only wash 2 at a time by themselves. Its a great buy and works for us. No more trips downstairs. I hang the clothes to dry and it works fine. next is the mini apt dryer to set up on my back porch 🙂

  7. 4 out of 5

    John Doe

    The company has been extremely responsive, addressing every one of my concerns. The rubber smell is really only strong the first couple of times. The company will be updating the instruction manual with clearer diagrams and better English so that it is easier to figure out. In the meantime, the WikiHow article “How to Clean Clothes in a Portable Washing Machine” is helpful, especially the advice about making sure the drain hose is secure so that you don’t end up with a flooded kitchen/bathroom.

    Original review:
    This company should invest in a better translator. The instructions are so bad, they are basically unusable. The hose does not attach to my sink so I ended up having to fill a bucket and then dump it into the wash canister a few times. When running, there is a strong rubber smell that I didn’t read about before buying. In my small house, it is very unpleasant. The drain hose does not drain fully, so water ended up spilling all over the floor. Be careful. I cannot figure out with the directions how to remove the lint bag. Also, I’m assuming I have to lift the machine into the tub to fully drain it. I feel this is much more complicated than advertised and takes way more time than just going to the laundromat. I wish I had never bought it or spent more on a better product with clear directions. This is very disappointing.

  8. 4 out of 5

    John Doe

    This washer fits perfect in my bathroom. I have it raised on some bed risers from target and it drains perfectly in my shower. I use my shower hose to fill up the washer or a bucket when I’m in a rush. My only down side for this is how small the spin dryer is. You definitely can’t fit jeans (not even 1 pair) towels (also not even 1), or any dense fabric as it will not fit in the spin dryer. You will still have to wash those items in an actual washer and dryer machine. Works perfect for everyday clothes however. Spin dryer takes 1-2 minutes to dry everything at 90% but only fits about 3 to 4 pieces of clothing at a time. Maybe I should’ve bought the 20lb machine as opposed to the 17lb one I got.
    Was planning on returning due to this but seller and I came to an agreement and I was reimbursed for a small amount.

  9. 5 out of 5

    John Doe

    I got this after having to replace a smaller one from another manufacturer a couple of years ago. I loved it. It worked great. Sadly, I had to replace it because the drain was plugged. I was going to order the very same model when I ran across this washer. I chose it because it had about double the capacity that my former one had.
    This washer has a filter that is very easy to clean. The other one was difficult to work with and would often come off during the wash.
    This one also has a pump that actually pumps the draining water as well as allowing you to easily remove debris that is too large to go into the drain which means I won’t be having a draining problem with this one.
    The spinning mechanism works great.
    This washer is great for RV’s or do use in a utility area for dog blankets (which is what I use it for). Honestly, it rivals many full sized home washers and for sure beats the ones at the laundromats.
    Excellent value for the money.

  10. 5 out of 5

    John Doe

    We have tried other portable washing machine and it broke in less than 1 month. This one seems so much high quality and study even though they pretty much look the same. I would highly recommend.

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