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Upholstery Spray® HUNTER GREEN is the winner to renew your furniture. Enjoy our wide range of Upholstery Simply Spray paint products.


Hunter Green PMS 343


Upholstery Spray HUNTER GREEN drying time Drying Time

             30 minutes touch dry, 72 hours fully dry

Upholstery Spray HUNTER GREEN coverage Coverage

            1m2 (approx)

Upholstery Spray HUNTER GREEN typical applications Typical Applications

               Clothing, Sofas, lampshades, carpets, cotton tea towels,

               chairs and more…Suitable Material; Natural Fabric such as cotton, Linen, Cotton drill

upholstery spray uv protection Note: Water-resistant Upholstery Spray® can be used on indoor and outdoor furniture. It contains a UV protectant.

Simply spray are aerosol upholstery fabric paints in a spray can that will bring a new look to your Home Decor like outdoor and indoor furniture, clothing, tea towels, aprons, cushions, and many more. Upholstery Spray® HUNTER GREEN.

Remember when choosing your colours you need to pick a colour that is darker than your fabric. Basically, you can paint a tan couch brown, but you cannot paint a brown couch tan.

For even coverage, we recommend spraying a few lighter coats instead of one heavy coat, allowing each coat to dry completely (about 20 minutes or dry to your touch).  To get the most usage from your can, we recommend spraying a THIN coat first and allowing it to dry for 30 minutes. This thin coat will act as a “primer” and subsequent full coats can adhere and give you even, consistent coverage while using less paint. The more absorbent your fabric, the more paint it will need, so make sure that you order enough to achieve the exact colour you are looking to obtain.

Not all upholstery will be suitable for spraying with Upholstery Spray. We recommend that you carry out a quick test to see if it is suitable to use on your fabric. As a rule of thumb, if water can absorb into the fabric then Simply Spray will too. If your fabric is coated in some way and water cannot absorb into it, then Simply Spray will not work. You can simply pour some water onto the fabric and see if it absorbs into the fabric or if it runs off. We always recommend that you try Upholstery Spray on a small, out of the way, patch of your furniture just to ensure it is suitable, before you spray the full sofa, chair etc.


Only open one can at a time. We are not responsible for the results of your painting project and will not credit for used cans or damaged furniture.


 PERMANENT – will not rub off or transfer in contact with other fabric when dried

 STAYS SOFT – fabric retains its feel and texture

VERSATILE – works on absorbent material such as cotton, canvas, unfinished wood

FRIENDLY – Upholstery Spray® HUNTER GREEN is non-toxic, non-flammable, no fumes, hands wash clean with soap and water


IMPORTANT: AEROSOL spray cans, due to Australian Post Regulation, are classified as dangerous goods and must always travel by road only – overnight trucks (cannot be sent by air). This means that even if you choose the Express shipping they won’t be delivered the next business day.


If you are after garments, caps, bags or any other promotional supplement please contact us through:


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