Quick Spraying Tips

  1. Test the paint on a small area of fabric before attempting to spray the entire material to be sure it absorbs properly. Cotton and absorbent materials work best.
  2. Cover areas around your workspace as the paint is permanent on fabric.
  3. Because the Soft Fabric and Upholstery Spray paints absorb into materials and preserve the texture, you can only change from a lighter to a darker colour – they will not coat a darker colour.
  4. When using paints to stencil, be sure to mark off the area around the stencil to avoid overspray and do not saturate. Adhesive sprays work well to help ensure clean lines.
  5. Pull trigger back as far as possible and hold there to maintain heavy pressure on trigger while spraying
  6. Hold paint can 6-8 inches away from project. Hold the can further away for lighter or misty colour.
  7. To minimize splatter, begin spraying off of the project and end off project.
  8. Maintain even pressure on trigger, do not pump.
  9. Spraying multiple light coats works best for even coating.
  10. When not using paint or to store partially used cans, make sure the can is in the “off” position (blue trigger pushed out) and paint can is lying on its side.
  11. Clean tip of nozzle between each use. Tip the can upside down and spray to clear nozzle and wipe off the outside.
  12. Wait 72 hours before washing sprayed fabric.

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