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The Jacquard Marbling Kit 6 colours for Fabric and Paper


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Create colourful and unique swirl patterns on paper, fabric and more with the Jacquard Marbling Starter Kit.

Marbling is an incredible ancient technique that is still in use nowadays by craft lovers. It consists in creating a pattern on a liquid surface and then transfering the design to paper or fabric. Release your creativity today and make beautiful patterns as unique as you are!

Each kit contains:

  • 6 bottles (14ml) of Marbling colours (red, blue, yellow, black, green and white)
  • 140g Alum Mordant (this is the ingredient you will spray onto your surface in order to prepare it to absorb the inks)
  • 56.7 g Methocel (this is the ingredient you’ll need to blend with warm water to prepare your liquid)
  • Instruction sheet pointing different techniques and the preparation required to start.

You can customize clothes shoes and accessories, everyone will be impressed with the results, each design is like a fingerprint!

You will only need:

  • A container big enough to fit the piece you will work with (it also has to be at least 5cm tall). We recommend starting with small dimensions but you can always evolve to bigger items with a bit of practice.
  • Household ammonia, to help the methocel to disperse.
  • Warm water.
  • Newspapers to cover surfaces and to lie the items you marble.
  • Fabric or paper to play with.

Jacquard Marbling KitNote:

  • Always read and follow the instructions before starting to get better results with your Jacquard Marbling Kit.


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buy jacquard products in sydney


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