2x Montana Acrylic Marker 0.7 mm


2x Montana Acrylic Marker 0.7 mm


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Please note the price includes 2x Montana Acrylic Marker 0.7 mm.

Color Shades: 14
Tip Size: 0,7mm
Base: water-based acrylic paint
Gloss Level: Matte finish

The Montana Acrylic Marker 0.7 mm Extra Fine is a high quality water-based paint marker available in 14 vibrant colors that match to corresponding colors in the Montana GOLD spray paint series. The highly pigmented paint is light-fast, high covering, water-resistant and abrasion proof allowing application to almost any surface. The optimum flow control pump-valve system allows accurate handling and application. The transparent marker bodies allow for easy assesment of remaining marker content. Replacement tips are seperately available. The solvent free ACRYLIC Marker range is ACMI approved and carries the AP mark of non-toxicity. Can be used on almost any surface, best results when applied on even surfaces. Ideal for interior use – for exterior use, please use Montana Varnish for sealing. Make sure to apply only on dry and clean surface. The Montana ACRYLIC Marker Extra Fine is perfect for finest details! Alternative tips are seperately available in sizes: 0,5mm, 0,7mm & 1mm round.

Ideal for interior use – for exterior use, please use Montana Varnish to seal and increase longevity. For best results in sealing we recommend to use Montana Varnish spray that are compatible to ACRYLIC paint. When working with other varnishes please test always before application – it might not be compatible.

* Color matching: Due to a different paint base between ACRYLIC markers (water-based) and Montana GOLD spray paint (solvent-based), for best color matching results apply a coat of Montana Varnish Gloss for one even finish. Slight differences may appear due to used substrate or ground. 100% color match is not guaranteed. Always test before use!




  1. To Refill an ACRYLIC Marker, unscrew the nib housing to the left to remove it.
  2. Remove the valve system. Use your finger nail to remove it.
  3. Once the valve system is removed the marker is ready to refill.
  4. Use a 25ml or 180ml ACRYLIC color of your choice and slowly pour the paint into the body of the marker.
  5. Fill the marker body to three quarters full maximum. This ensures enough room left to refit the valve system.
  6. Put the valve system back on the marker and press it tight.
  7. Screw the nib housing back on to the right until it is tight.
  8. Shake well. Now put the nib down on a surface and slowly pump the nib up and down until the paint starts to flow through.
  9. We recommend using on a test surface first. Now enjoy painting!


Get creative with this Acrylic Paint Marker!


Montana Acrylic Marker 0.7 mmNote:

  • Always read and follow the instructions before starting to get better results with your Montana Acrylic Marker 0.7 mm.


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Montana acrylic markers 0.7mm

Iron Curtain, Metallic Copper, Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Shock Black, Shock Blue Dark, Shock Blue Light, Shock Brown, Shock Green Light, Shock Lilac, Shock Pink Light, Shock Red, Shock White, Shock Yellow Light



buy montana cans sprays in sydney


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