ESSDEE 3 in 1 Lino Cutter and Baren Kit


Product Description:

ESSDEE 3 in 1 Lino Cutter and Baren Kit: This innovative and versatile 3 in 1 kit can be used as a Lino cutter set with the included Lino Cutters and handle, and also as a Baren which is used as a burnishing tool to transfer the ink from your printing block to your paper without the need for a press. The base of the Baren also doubles as a storage unit for the cutters keeping them safe after use. The L5B includes 5 Lino cutters and is a true innovation in block printing.


ESSDEE 3 in 1 Lino Cutter and Baren Kit

ESSDEE 3 in 1 Lino Cutter and Baren KitNote:

  • Always read and follow the instructions before starting to get better results with your ESSDEE 3 in 1 Lino Cutter and Baren Kit.


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NEW ESSDEE Lino Cutters & Handle 5 pk Kit

  • 5 precision ground Lino cutters manufactured from high-carbon steel together with a sturdy polypropylene handle and aluminum ferrule which allows easy fitting and tightening of the cutters.
  • An ideal set for classrooms.

ESSDEE 10 Mastercut Stamps

  • Packs of 10 self-adhesive 45mm MasterCut Printing Stamps for use with the 3 in 1 Lino Cutter & Baren Kit and the 3 in 1 Lino Cutter & Stamp Carving
  • Kit. Simply carve your own stamp designs using these discs of our easy to cut MasterCut material.

ESSDEE 3 in 1 Lino Cutter and Stamp Kit

  • 3 in 1 Lino Cutter & Stamp Carving Kit. This innovative and versatile stamp carving kit allows you to carve your own Printing Stamps using Lino cutting tools and techniques for a unique result.
  • Simply Pop one of the included printing stamps into the included disc holder, and use the lino cutters and handle to carve your design. Includes 5 Lino cutters and 2 printing stamps. the oasis for creatives!

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