Spray Blood® Fake Blood Effects 10oz

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Example of crazy killer movie-style costumespray-blood-samples.png

BIG CANS for bloody big jobs!

Looks like blood on fabric, plastic, glass, rubber. The Halloween and fancy dress party essential… great for theatrical costumes, props and stage effects, video p
roductions, movies. Easy techniques produce “bullet holes”, “blood spatters” and “dripping blood lines”.

No heat curing needed. Hands wash clean with soap and water. Non-toxic, non-flammable, environmentally-friendly propellant. Due to Australian anti-graffiti regulations, you must be over 18 years of age to purchase this product. Use responsibly for appropriate and permissable purposes only. Do not use for playing practical jokes on unsuspecting adults or children – it looks too real and may cause genuine fright.

spray-blood-murder-mystery-party.jpgBULLET HOLE EFFECT:
Costume position should be vertical. Hold can steady.
Spray blood in one spot and allow to drip, then release trigger.
Costume position should be vertical.
Spray blood slowly in a straight line, allowing to drip.
Randomly spray blood pattern all over surface of costume.

Dining table set for ghoulish halloween

• Put plastic or cardboard between layers of fabric to prevent blood from soaking through.
Protect work area from overspray with tape or paper.
• Shake can well before using. Tear off safety tab.
• Hold can about 8 inches from surface of project.
• Maintain even pressure on trigger, do not pump.
• Blood will spray in a thin, steady stream.
• Let dry approximately one hour before wearing.

• To remove accidental overspray from skin, wash vigorously with soap and water.
• May cause temporary staining of skin.
• May cause irritation for individuals with sensitive skin.

Here is the winner of the 2010 Spray Blood Video Contest, the “Spray Blood Fake-out” staged by Chad & Angie. For more information about the 2011 contest with a prize of USD2,500, click here.


IMPORTANT: AEROSOL spray cans, due to Australian Post Regulation, are classified as dangerous goods and must always travel by road only – overnight trucks (cannot be sent by air). This means that even if you choose the Express shipping they won’t be delivered the next business day.

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