Our Deluxe PAW PRINT Ornament is the perfect gift for pet owners!

Only minutes to create but a lifetime to cherish!
This clay is shatterproof so your treasured memories will last a lifetime.

Not happy with your impression? No problem, do it over again, clay stays soft until you bake it.

Create memories in a matter of minutes, cherish them for a lifetime.

Create lasting memories with a Paw Print ornament!

The paw of your beloved forever…


Kit contains:

  • 85g of oven-bake clay
  • Roller x 1
  • Ribbon x 1
  • Tool x 1
  • Ring x 1
  • Instructions x 1

Deluxe PAW PRINT Ornament

Deluxe PAW PRINT OrnamentNote:

  • Always read and follow the instructions before starting to get better results with your Deluxe PAW PRINT Ornament.


If you are after garments, caps, bags or any other promotional supplement please contact us through:

Blue Phoenix Screen Printing


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Company based in Sydney, Australia.




Additional information

Tulip shimmer colours

Mermaid Shimmer, Unicorn Shimmer



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